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Parents – Concerns, Questions and Answers

Dr. Jorge Valverde

My child does not want to work on the mental toughness.

If parents let their children do what they want to do, that means that children are in control of their own development. For example, most children do not want to brush their teeth, go to bed early, eat vegetables, drink water, be organized, stretch, etc. They just want to play and have fun! However, most parents know the difference between what their children want and what they need.

  • Do high performance athletes need to learn how to concentrate when playing under high levels of pressure?
  • Do tennis players need to understand the building blocks for confidence?
  • Do tennis players need to understand the relationship between thought patterns and performance?
  • Do athletes need to grow and mature quicker than children who do not participate in sports?
  • Do children need to have a break from having to learn everything from their parents? Can a parent be objective in figuring out what their children-athletes need in all the different stages of development?

I want to wait until my son/daughter is more mature.

Maturity is the ability to understand the relationship between cause and effect: thoughts and emotions, actions and reactions, preparations and successes. Only a small percentage of tennis players can figure out all these relationships on their own, and to act based on this knowledge is even more difficult. In other words, maturity is the ability to be prepared to handle any given challenge on and off the court successfully, thus maximizing one's potential. The window of opportunity for tennis players is getting smaller and smaller. High performance tennis players are forced to mature quickly if they want to reach their potential. Without a proven mental toughness system, most tennis players and their parents are stuck with the old trial-and-error approach – a setup for disappointment and frustration.

My children either have it [mental toughness] or not.

Genetics play a role in determining the success of an athlete. However, many talented athletes never reach their full potential due to environmental factors, for example, lack of appropriate support systems (family, coaches, etc.). Many talented professional tennis players, Pat Cash, Roger Federer and Andre Agassi and many others, have used the services of mental trainers in order to achieve their tennis goals. Now the great majority of top junior players in the world are investing in mental training as well. The old philosophy that genetics are the cause of success is outdated.

I do not want to invest more in my child's game.

Have you ever considered driving a car with one flat tire? How safe would you feel without health insurance? Would you let your child play without shoe laces? Tennis is a 70-80% mental game. If players dedicate most of their efforts and resources to the physical part of the game and neglect the mental part, they are ill prepared for the competition.

My child's coach follows the old school approach and does not believe in mental toughness training.

Coach's involvement in your child's mental training process is helpful, but not essential. If a coach is not involved, then at least one parent's help is necessary for children under 13 years of age.

I can teach my child to be tough.

Parents are a crucial factor in the development of mental toughness. However, most parents do not have the expertise to handle the complexities associated with mental training.

You do not live close to us. How can we make this work?

The Valverde System has been designed to be followed as a virtual school course or home school. Anybody who can read and write can follow it. I am available for consultations via email, phone, or in person during tournaments during the entire duration of the program.

In addition, if you wish me to work with your child on personal basis, I can come to you and work with your child for one or two days on one-to-one basis.

What if the Valverde System does not work for my child?

The Valverde System is a proven mental toughness program. If a player follows its guidelines, positive results are guaranteed. If your child follows the system for 30 days without any positive results, return the system and your money will be reimbursed.